5 Tips for Managing Divorce Stress – Lehnhardt Price Family Law

5 Tips for Managing Divorce Stress – Lehnhardt Price Family Law

Going through a divorce is one of the most stressful experiences that you may have to endure. Even if you know that divorce is the best option and your divorce goes smoothly, it can still be very stressful. Here are five tips to help you manage this stress so you can emerge from your divorce strong and ready for whatever comes your way.

Rely on Your Support System

The divorce process can be highly emotional and sometimes exhausting.  It is important to rely on your support system. The people who love and care about you want to help you. Whether you need to vent, scream, laugh, cry, or do something to temporarily divert your attention, your support system should be there for you.  Your support system may include family, friends, co-workers, or even a local support/divorce group.

Take Care of Yourself

“You can’t pour from an empty cup.  Take care of yourself first.” You may have heard this expression before and there is so much truth in that simple statement.  Do not forget to focus on your health and practice self-care. Make a list of some of your favorite things and get to work on making yourself feel healthy and happy.

Don’t Make Any Major Decisions

The decision to move forward with a divorce is one of the biggest you will make in your life. In addition, you are going to be on an emotional roller coaster for quite some time. This means that it is not a great time to be making other major life decisions, i.e. changing careers, moving away. This helps to ensure you aren’t adding the extra stress of these things on top of the stress associated with your divorce.  Take a deep breath and carefully think through your next moves.

Look to the Future

Although it may not feel like it, the future is bright.  Look to the future with a positive attitude. You will make new friends, create new traditions, and have many new experiences.  The stress you may be experiencing now is only temporary. Do not let your current circumstances rob you of your future happiness.  Hang in there – it will get better!

Rely on Your Lawyer

While you will certainly be directly involved with your divorce throughout the process, don’t forget the importance of relying on your lawyer. If you and your spouse are able to communicate amicably, you are certainly encouraged to keep communications open and work together to resolve as many issues as possible.  If this is not an option for you, do not engage in conversations with your spouse that do nothing to help you move forward. At that point, it is better to communicate through attorneys. Let your lawyer worry about the day-to-day tasks that need to be completed. Your attorney will ask you when they need more information or tell you when you need to perform a task. Beyond that, you don’t need to add extra stresses onto your plate!

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