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Family law is a very delicate area of legal work that requires extreme attention to detail in and out of the courtroom. Between divorce, child custody battles, and domestic violence disputes, choosing a law firm that can support you and your family through such a difficult time is essential for a productive trial. At Lehnhardt Price Family Law, our legal team is well-equipped to aid you and your family throughout the duration of your case, providing you with a more hands-on, personal approach to your claim. Based in Weddington, our firm’s primary practice area is in family law, so choosing our services provides you with high-quality legal work with the comfort of an understanding, trusting legal team.

What Is Family Law?

Family law is a category of legal proceedings aimed at dealing with disputes or issues that fall within a family dynamic. Strife between spouses, custody battles between parents, or legal processes like adoption all fall under the umbrella of family law. Because these issues are extremely personal and can cause rifts between your family members, choosing a law firm well-equipped to expertly handle your case and provide emotional support throughout the process is of the utmost importance during these proceedings. Our legal team is well versed in family law matters and can help you and your family work through these issues with care and understanding for your needs.

Most Common Family Law Disputes in Weddington, NC

Family law matters range in complexity and severity, so finding the right representation for your specific needs is the first step towards a proper case resolution. Ranging from positive proceedings like child adoption to more challenging issues like divorce, family law issues cover a broad range of topics that deal with structures and systems within your family dynamic. Depending on what service you are searching for, our firm can provide a high-quality legal team willing to consider your claims and accurately assess your case. Some of the most common family law-related issues include:

  • Divorce. Divorce is a legal separation between you and your spouse. During a divorce trial, the ratification of your divorce carries different legal responsibilities, which can include child custody agreements, child support payments, and alimony payments, among others. By finding the right lawyer for your divorce proceedings, you can ensure that the most important things to you and your family are safe and secure, helping you move on with your life.
  • Child support. As a single parent, child support payments can be a crucial lifeline for supporting you and your child. Between school payments and essentials like groceries, your child deserves a comfortable and secure life free from monetary trouble, and child support can alleviate some of that stress. As part of a divorce hearing, the noncustodial parent is typically ordered to pay child support, so securing a legal team willing to fight to get you the support you need from them is imperative to maintaining your child’s well-being.
  • Adoption. Adoption is the process of legally incorporating a child into your family, helping you expand and grow your family while providing a home for a child in need. Sometimes, adoption claims can come from stepparents adopting their stepchildren or from same-sex couples looking to start a family. Regardless of your reasoning, adoption is a wonderful way to make your family larger. Finding a legal team able to help you secure legal custody of your adoptive children can help make that dream a reality.
  • Domestic Violence Orders. One of the more nerve-wracking aspects of family law is filing a domestic violence order, along with the enforcement of that order against your abuser. In North Carolina, the application of a Domestic Violence Protective Order (DVPO) can provide legal backing for your protection, ensuring that if your abuser violates any orders outlined in the DVPO, they will face jail time. For those facing false allegations, a strong legal team is the best way to effectively combat these orders, helping you avoid possible jail time or public backlash from false claims.
  • Property division. In any divorce proceeding, one of the biggest causes of strife between both parties is the division of property and assets as a result of your separation. Fortunately, in North Carolina, there are no legal stipulations surrounding communal property, so different factors provided by each side of the case can be used as a basis for asset division. Age, income, health, child custody, and various factors surrounding what property is to be divided between you and your spouse are all taken into account during the property division stage of the divorce. One of the best ways to ensure that you receive the assets you have worked hard for is through an expert legal team able to represent your case and argue on your behalf, helping you retain the items that are of high value to you.

Why Hire a Family Law Attorney?

For any court proceedings contained within family law or outside of the scope of issues related to family law, a legal team is one of the most important assets you must acquire to accurately evaluate and argue your claim. For family law matters, in particular, these issues tend to hit very close to home. The right legal representation can minimize the trauma associated with these proceedings while also providing you with expert legal advice, which is extremely important for both you and your family. In some cases, these legal protections are necessary for making sure you and your family stay safe, especially when dealing with such a weighted issue like domestic violence cases.

When to Seek Representation from A Family Lawyer in Weddington, NC

Depending on what kind of family law case you are facing, time sensitivity is an important factor that can determine when you need to start your legal proceedings. At Lehnhardt Price Family Law, we provide our expert legal services for you and your family, helping support you throughout the legal process by providing understanding, legal expertise, and unique help for your specific case.

With decades of combined experience, no other firm in the Weddington area is better equipped to take on your case than Lehnhardt Price Family Law. For more information, visit our website and schedule your consultation.