Monroe Prenuptial Agreement Lawyer

Start Out Your Marriage With Clarity Using A Prenuptial Agreement in Monroe, NC

When deciding to marry, it can be wise to have a prenuptial agreement in place. These agreements can include protections for both parties so they know what to expect should the marriage fail. To ensure that your prenuptial agreement would give you the financial resources you would need to start fresh, contact Lehnhardt Price Family Law in Monroe, North Carolina. Our team of family law attorneys will make sure the agreement you and your future spouse sign is fair and legally enforceable.

monroe prenuptial agreement lawyer

A Better Way Forward

A prenuptial agreement, or “prenup,” is a contract that you and your spouse-to-be negotiate and sign before your marriage. Using your prenup, the two of you can decide ahead of time who will keep what assets if you ever get divorced. For people with substantial assets like a business, real estate and other valuables, a prenuptial agreement can protect them from the risk of losing what they have worked hard to acquire. But no matter how much wealth you own, a prenuptial agreement can give you peace of mind and the sense that your future is secure no matter what happens.

monroe prenuptial agreement attorney

Both you and your spouse should retain an experienced family law attorney to represent you. You have financial rights that must be respected in the agreement. Our attorneys will help you figure out your long-term financial needs. We will negotiate an agreement that works for you.

Helping You Prepare For The Unexpected In Marriage

Let us help you negotiate a prenuptial agreement that protects you and your financial future. Contact us to learn more about prenuptial agreements or call 704-635-6278 to schedule a consultation today. We represent clients in and around Union County.