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When going through a divorce, all marital property, including real estate, bank accounts, vehicles, debts and all other material possessions, must be split. This can be one of the most important and complicated aspects of divorce because it can have such a big impact on the financial concerns of the parties involved. If you are getting divorced in Union County, contact Lehnhardt Price Family Law. One of our experienced attorneys will fight for your financial rights to make sure your future is secure.

monroe equitable distribution lawyer

Personal Solutions To Your Property Division Questions

Equitable distribution does not mean you must divide everything 50/50. It means you and your spouse must split up your marital property fairly, which does not necessarily mean evenly. Note that marital property includes most things you and your spouse acquired during your marriage. It is common for spouses to dispute which assets are marital property and which are not.

monroe equitable distribution attorney

Equitable asset distribution can take many forms. We will work creatively to seek the best possible long-term outcome. First, we will try to negotiate a fair and equitable settlement of your property division with your spouse and their attorney. Most divorce matters settle out of court, but if this is unsuccessful, we are prepared and experienced in litigating the division of your assets in court. For example, if you are fighting to keep your family business, we will use our extensive experience and determination to try to make that happen.

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