The advantages of mediation in resolving divorce disputes

Divorce disputes can prove extremely expensive, time-consuming and emotionally taxing, but they don’t necessarily have to. Mediation is a dispute resolution method that can help you reach agreement with your soon-to-be ex in a better way.

Some of the advantages of mediation include:

  • Gives you more control: In a traditional divorce trial, a judge or jury makes decisions regarding extremely personal elements of your future. In the mediation process, divorcing spouses work together, with the guidance of a neutral, third-party mediator, to make these decisions for themselves.
  • Is less emotionally draining: For many people, sitting down and resolving conflicts face to face is more emotionally healthy than facing off in an impersonal, yet aggressive, courtroom battle. A divorce mediator can help you understand when your objections are warranted, and when the law is, frankly, not on your side. This eliminates much of the suspicion and animosity that can poison relations during a litigated divorce dispute.
  • Costs less: Trials cost a lot of money. While we cannot guarantee that mediation will cost you less, it is typically must faster and less expensive than traditional litigation. All of your divorce-related issues can be resolved in mediation, from complex property division to child custody disputes.

A good mediator knows the law and can help you understand how a court would likely rule if your matter came before it. Instead of going through the costly process of bringing your dispute to trial, you can reach an agreement based on this likely outcome and save time, expense and worry.

Explore your options

It is good to have options when facing such a sensitive and momentous event as a divorce. By working with a law firm that handles traditional litigation as well as alternative dispute resolution methods such as mediation, you can rest assured that you have effective options at your disposal.