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Marvin Child Custody Attorney

Divorce is a difficult and emotional process that can take a toll on Marvin, NC, families. Unfortunately, while many spouses are working through the details of their divorce settlement, there are members of the family who are left to have decisions made on their behalf. Children involved in divorces face many difficulties. While some parents can easily come to agreements regarding their children, others may find themselves in the middle of contentious and heated arguments.

If you are facing a divorce that involves children, or you have an already established child custody agreement that you would like modified, you should seek the help of a knowledgeable and experienced family law attorney. At Lehnhardt Price Family Law, we aggressively work on our clients’ behalf to reach the agreement they would like and that serves the interests of their children.

Marvin Child Custody Lawyer

How Child Custody Lawyers Help

North Carolina seeks to hold both parents equally responsible for raising a child. In many cases, this means attempting to grant equal custody rights to both of the child’s parents. Often, courts will encourage parents to go through a mediation process over litigation to resolve custody and visitation agreements. That way, they can continue to make decisions as parents on behalf of their children. This process can be difficult, particularly if the conversations are heated. A child custody attorney can help with:

  • Creating a visitation schedule that is accommodating to both parents and keeps them active in the child’s life, including during holidays
  • Serving as a voice for the child by taking into account school, church, family, sports, and other social needs
  • Helping parents understand how the child’s medical, nutritional, and dietary needs play into custody
  • Helping to establish conduct rules for each home to provide consistency for the child between homes
  • Helping with negotiating custody agreement modifications
  • Working through processes for introducing new partners into the home
  • Helping to establish a plan for working through future conflicts

These issues may not all seem to fall into the legal realm, and this list is certainly not all-encompassing. Nevertheless, it helps clarify the role of a child custody attorney as they work to create a fair and equitable agreement while ensuring the needs of the child are met in the most ideal way possible.

A child custody attorney represents parties who wish to provide for a child’s interests. This includes parties who are not the child’s legal parents if they feel they are better suited for raising them.

Types of Child Custody

When parents seek to establish child custody, visitation, and support, they will need to understand the types of custody involved. Each family is unique, and therefore, there is no set agreement that can work for all families. The two forms of child custody include:

  • Physical Custody: This refers to the physical location of the child and the legal guardian. This could be granted in full or partial physical custody and could include times of visitation.
  • Legal Custody: This is the term used to describe the person or persons who are granted authority to make decisions on behalf of the child.

There could be any blend of the two, and one does not always dictate the other. For example, a parent may have majority physical custody, but both parents could share legal custody. Both are influenced by the circumstances of both parents’ lives. If a parent has a history of criminal activity, domestic violence, or drug addiction, they may not be granted the full rights they feel they are entitled to. A court will always ensure that the interests of the child are taken into consideration and made a priority.

FAQs About Marvin, NC Family Laws

Who Gets Primary Custody in North Carolina?

Courts in North Carolina seek to provide equitable custody to both parents, so long as it serves the interests of the child. Considerations will be made for a parent’s employment, criminal history, and any substance abuse issues, among others. By law, custody may not be granted or denied to either parent based on race, religion, identified gender, sexual orientation, or any other protected classification.

How Much Is a Lawyer for Child Custody in North Carolina?

The total cost for a child custody lawyer will vary from case to case and is based on the circumstances. However, the average cost of an attorney ranges between $2,500 and $5,000. If parents can cooperate and come to an agreement with each other, then they will be able to save time and money.

Who Pays Attorney Fees in Child Custody Cases in North Carolina?

North Carolina law grants judges the discretion to award child custody fees. There are certain circumstances that qualify, but one party may request that the other party pay the fees. In these cases, a judge must determine two things to be true:

  1. The request is made in good faith.
  2. There is an inability to pay the fees necessary for the legal matter.

How Do I Get 100% Custody in North Carolina?

To be awarded sole custody of a child in North Carolina, one parent must sue the other for legal custody. This involves filing a complaint with the local courthouse and then paying the necessary fines. To be granted sole custody, it must be proven that the other parent cannot adequately care for the child or that the child will be unsafe in the home. North Carolina strives to provide equal parenting opportunities.

North Carolina Family Lawyer

Parents want to ensure a life for their child that is filled with love, care, and safety for their well-being. Child custody agreements lay the framework for how parents can work together to continue to provide jointly for the child through proper support, visitation, and legal decision-making. If you face a child custody case, get a team on your side that brings experience to work for you. At Lehnhardt Price Family Law, our attorneys know how delicate these cases can be. With compassion and empathy, we aggressively fight for your rights and the interests of your child. Contact our offices today.