Marvin Domestic Violence Lawyer

Marvin Domestic Violence Lawyer

Domestic violence is a serious issue that requires an experienced Marvin domestic violence lawyer. Whether you’re pursuing a restraining order or need an attorney to defend you against allegations of abuse, our firm can help. Lehnhardt Price Family Law knows that the most important people in your life are family. We approach each case we take on with the knowledge that we are navigating delicate family connections. We work to get our clients the most optimal outcome for their situation.

Marvin Domestic Violence Lawyer

Understanding Domestic Abuse In North Carolina

Domestic abuse covers any act intended to be harmful within a personal relationship. The abuse can be verbal, emotional, physical, or sexual. If not addressed, the harm tends to continue and worsen. The assailants or victims can be:

  • Husband or wife
  • Parents or children
  • Grandparents or grandchildren
  • Two individuals in a relationship
  • Two people who live together or have lived together
  • Two people who share a child

The following are considered domestic violence in North Carolina:

  • Attempting to and/or causing bodily injury
  • Causing someone to be in fear of imminent injury
  • Causing someone to be in fear of continued harassment
  • Threats
  • Criminal domestic trespass

Those accused of domestic violence may be charged with a misdemeanor or a felony, depending on the circumstances. Keep in mind that North Carolina takes these charges seriously, even if someone is charged with a misdemeanor. If domestic violence has been part of your marriage or partnership in Marvin, consider contacting a divorce attorney as soon as possible.

Some of the charges that fall under domestic violence include:

  • Stalking or harassment as a Class A1 misdemeanor
  • Sexual assault/sexual battery, as a Class A1 misdemeanor
  • Rape, which can be a Class B1 or Class C felony

Other sexual offenses may also be considered domestic violence, depending on the situation.

Protections for Victims of Domestic Violence

No one should live in fear of someone who professes to love them. If you’re the victim of domestic violence from a partner or another family member, you need a compassionate Marvin domestic violence attorney. Protect yourself from further abuse and ensure you get the protection you need by contacting our firm. We are committed to your security and protection. Partner with a lawyer dedicated to your safety.

If you’re the victim of domestic violence, a crucial first step is getting a restraining order. In North Carolina, this is called a Domestic Violence Protection Order, or DVPO. Also referred to as a 50B protective order, a DVPO differs from a general restraining order in its scope and specificity.

With a DVPO, the abuser will be prohibited from stalking and harassing you. Offenders risk jail for violating the order. If the abuser lives in your home, a DVPO will require this person to live elsewhere. Your attorney can help you with the application for the order and argue on your behalf.

Help for Those Accused of Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious issue under North Carolina law, and allegations should be taken seriously. However, if allegations against you are exaggerated or untrue, you could face jail time, fines, and even a lost connection with your family. Regardless of the situation, anyone accused of domestic violence deserves a defense team that has their interests in mind during any legal situation.

If you’re arrested for domestic violence, your first step should be to call an experienced Marvin family law attorney. Regardless of your innocence, it’s crucial to remain calm and not hassle or anger the police. Be respectful, but leverage your right to remain silent. It can be incredibly traumatic to be handcuffed and taken to jail, but responding in anger or trying to talk yourself out of being arrested will not help your case and could make your situation much worse.

What to Expect from a Marvin Family Law Attorney

Whether you need a protection order or are looking for compassionate defense counsel, there are a few crucial factors to look for in an attorney. You should expect your firm to:

  • Offer personalized attention. While there are many legal professionals involved in any case, you should have access to an attorney to help you understand your options.
  • Access to your attorney. Communication is crucial during any family law case, and many firms just don’t take the time to ensure you are part of the process at every stage.
  • Unique insight. No two cases are the same, and your attorney should approach your situation with the knowledge that your case isn’t like another. There is no cookie-cutter approach to family law.
  • Experience in North Carolina family law. Any attorney you work with should focus on family law and have years of experience to get you the protection or defense you need.

FAQs About Marvin, NC Domestic Violence Laws

What Is the Violence Against Women’s Act in NC?

This act provides protection from being evicted based on acts of domestic violence, dating violence, sexual assault, or stalking against them, regardless of sex, gender identity, or sexual orientation. The act prohibits a landlord from breaking a lease, refusing rental, or prohibiting the changing of locks due to a domestic violence incident.

Do I Have a Domestic Violence Case, Even Though I’m Not Married?

Yes, the law applies to those in a personal relationship, regardless of marriage. A personal relationship is defined as any intimate relationship. This includes a spouse, child, grandparent, someone with whom you share a child, someone you are dating, or someone you used to have a relationship with.

Is There a Statute of Limitations on Domestic Violence in NC?

Generally, charges must be brought within two years of the act of violence. It is important to partner with a qualified attorney in a timely manner to seek restitution for medical bills, lost wages, and/or pain and suffering. Waiting too long may hinder your legal recourse.

How Long Does a Domestic Violence Protection Order or 50B Order Last?

An Order of Protection can last up to one year. You can renew a Domestic Violence Order of Protection for up to two years at a time. During the time of the order, an abuser may not harass you in any way, or the abuser will risk a jail term. If you live with an abuser, the order would require the abusive individual to live elsewhere.

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