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The process of divorce can be one of the most stressful challenges for a family. No two couples are alike, and each individual case brings with it its own obstacles in the process. If you or someone you know is filing for a divorce or being served divorce papers in or around the Weddington, North Carolina area, Lehnhardt Price Family Law can help.

Our team of experienced attorneys is active in the community and has been passionate about family matters for over 20 years. They understand the difficulties associated with your challenging time and are focused on the well-being of each and every unique family. They can help you understand the North Carolina divorce laws and can offer you the personal support you need as you navigate your potential options and make decisions that will be life-altering for your future.

What to Expect in a Weddington, NC Divorce Case

Filing for a divorce in North Carolina is a lengthy process that cannot happen overnight. Before the court moves forward with the process, they require that the couple be separated for a period of one year. Once this period passes, they will then address multiple legal questions and issues, which will officially solidify the divorce process once all assets and child affairs are solved.

Whether you are just starting this lengthy process or are in need of assistance from a professional and motivated team to help speed up and make this difficult step simpler, we are here to assist you. It is the job of our team to fight for your best interest, protect your individual rights, and find the right legal plan for you during this stressful phase of your life.

Some of the most important legal questions presented in court are the following:

Division of Assets

Since North Carolina is an equal distribution state, marital assets, excluding inheritance or personal gifts given to one spouse by a third party, can be split equally by the courts. Our job is to ensure you are getting a fair distribution of assets and that this division is as just as possible.

Marital assets can be defined by North Carolina law as any of the following:

  • Debts. According to North Carolina law, if you are trying to claim that debts are marital, proof must be provided that the debt was acquired by both parties after the marriage was official but before the separation was decided.
  • Pensions and retirement benefits that are accumulated during the marriage are, by North Carolina law, considered to be the property of both parties. The amount of pension and retirement benefits you or your partner have earned will be divided by the period of time the spouse was both married and employed by the total length of their employment.
  • Gifts given between spouses are considered marital property. If one spouse desires to prove a gift as separate property, they must show proof that the gift was given with the intention to be separate property.

Separation Agreements

In North Carolina, you can choose to go through with an actual divorce or to file for a separation agreement, which is a less formal, out-of-court agreement between a married couple. Keep in mind that for any divorce, the state first requires a year of separation. If you decide this separation is a better option for your family, our lawyers will help you negotiate a fair agreement for the division of your assets and a child custody plan if children are involved.

Child Support

Regarding allocating child support, North Carolina law examines such factors as the individual wealth of both parents, the number of children the couple has together, special needs or disabilities that the children may have, and how much the noncustodial parent is already paying the custodial parent for the children’s expenses.

At Lehnhardt Price, we understand that the allocation of child support can often be one of the most disagreed upon matters in any divorce. Our experienced team can compose an efficient and successful argument that will best serve your needs when it comes to child support. We, like you, care the most about the needs of your children and will work with you whether you are receiving or being asked to pay child support. We will also work with you to resolve any disputes if you are not receiving child support, receiving the incorrect amount of child support, or are being accused of not paying child support.

Child Custody and Visitation

When determining custody and visitation rights in North Carolina, our courts recognize two types of child custody: legal custody and physical custody. Legal custody involves a parents’ ability to make decisions regarding the welfare of their child, such as where their child goes to the doctor or if they attend religious ceremonies. Physical custody is considered by law to be which parent a child lives with.

Legal and physical custody are evaluated on a case-by-case basis, based on the child’s individual needs and welfare. Our courts view every case individually by evaluating physical proof as well as child preferences.

Divorces become more complex if minor-aged children are involved. Our attorneys at Lehnhardt Law understand the complications and heartbreak that are involved in child welfare during the divorce process, and we can evaluate each case properly to help create as much clarity and fairness for you, your spouse, and most importantly, your children. In addition, we can work with you to make modifications to your custody agreement if something is not suitable or currently working for you or your children or if one parent is not in compliance with the previously agreed-upon arrangement.

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The process of divorce is never easy. However, with the right Weddington divorce attorney, you will be able to better navigate this complicated period and find a solution that is best suited for your needs as an individual. Let us help you by speeding up the process and clarifying the complicated sidesteps along the way so that you can start your new life feeling satisfied with your decision. Contact us for help executing your divorce at Lehnhardt Price Family Law today.